Program progress

 About the programme

The organization of a birthday party in the cave needs a lot of attention. We think it’s really important that every child feels good throughout the program, and it’s exciting and interesting. That’s why we have a system:

The parents should arrive 15-20 minutes before the start and bring the food, drinks and the cake. We’ll already set up the scene and the tables with trays, glasses and bowls. We put stickers on to the glasses so the children can write their names on to them that way they won’t forget which glass belongs to who.

First hour – cave tour:

Inside the cave there is lighting and a concrete path it’s a safe walkeing tour. The temperature in the cave is 12°C every time of the year. Besause of that warm clothing is advisable. You can bring torches but it’s not necessery. Please be advised that if You bring torches they shouldn’t be a great value, because we can’t guarantee their protection and safety. The parents of the celebrated child can attend the tour for free. The parents of other guests have to buy a ticket for the tour. The tour will be guided by the animators.

Second hour – celebration, treasure hunt:

While the group is in the cave we set the tables to be ready for the celebration. We put the cake on the table and put the seats around it. In the second hour we celebrate and after eating the cake the guests can give their gifts to the birthdayboy or birthdaygirl. After that there will be the treasure hunt. Please note that we provide the dishes and the treasures after the number of the children. We would like our program to be a pleasant time for every attending children, that’s why we reccomend that every guest should arrive in time and try to stay at the and.