Program progress

Program progress

You should arrive 15 minutes before the start. That time is enough to put out the food (sandwiches, drinks etc.), what you should bring to the party. There are going to be bowls, glasses and stuffs like this. After this, no other things to do, but waiting for the guests.

In the first hour:

We visit an exhibition room, to get some knowledge about the cave.
We play some games, to get ready to the cave and to get in a good mood.
Eat and drink a little, because in the cave, we shouldn’t do that.

In the second hour:

We have a tour inside the cave and we tell the children so many interesting things.
We leave the cave through an alternate exit, which one is not visitable for regular guests.

In the third hour:

We go back to the building (5 minutes by foot)
Celebration, (everything is going to be ready), cake, candels, presents. (You should bring the cake, candels, presents)
In the last 15 minutes, we go back to the cave for the treasure hunting! (We give the treasures)

You don’t need torches for the tour, but you can bring them if you want.
There are 13 degrees in the cave, but in the end of the cave tour we are going to reach the aboveground, so you need some warm clothes.