What should be

 What should You bring

Food and drinks which is enough for the children and other guests. You should calculate with at least half liter drink per person. The drink can be fruit yuice, water, mineral water, tea or fizzy drinks.  It’s better if You bring some different type of drinks, because that way anyone can choose what they like.

  • In the first 15 minutes the arriving guests can eat the sandwiches, fruits or other snacks You bring.
  • Inside the cave eating and drinking is not allowed, that’s why the guests shoul eat some before the cave tour.

We provide the dishes (plates, forks, napkins etc.). We can also give you bowls or trays for the snacks. We don’t recommend pop-corn as a snack, because it makes a huge mess and the oily scent can be uncomfortable to some guests. Please don’t bring any alcoholis beveridges not even for the adults, because consuming alcohol is not allowed in the building. We don’t recommend the cakes of supermarkets, because they usually have poor quality. Instead You could bring a homemade cake and cookies, they are tastier. We have cake shovels and knifes. Also we have a fridge for the cake.

Another important information: Ask around about allergies and food intolarence among the guests. For example: gluten intolarent persons can’t consume any product which containes gluten, so they may need gluten free sandwiches or cake. Gluten free bread and cookies are usually made from rice and corn flour. We can recommend pizza delivery companies which are near by and can make gluten free pizzas. They can also eat fruits and chrisps only made from potato without wheat starch. Some bakerys can make gluten free cakes and cookies. You should discuss with the other parents which foods their children can eat. There are other diets you should keep in mind like lactose intolarence or diabetes. You should ask about these too, because they also need a special diet.