Cave birthday

Birthday party in the cave

A lot of parents would like to make their children’s birthday party unforgetabble with a special program or place, which their children would talk about with their friends for a long time.
In the Szemlő-hegy cave we can provide a special program wich includes a cave tour and in a separated room the celebration (You have to bring the food the drinks and the cake, we give the dishes) after that a little treasure hunt in the cave. The program is available to 4-20 children.

The length of the program is two hours.
The temperature in the cave is 12 C° every time of the year.
Please bring warm clothing.

  • we can provide the program for children between the age of 5-12
  • we give the dishes and the decoration
  • treasure hunt in the cave: we hide colorfull christals in the cave for every child
  • the tour takes place in the Szemlő-hegy cave, it’s safe, there is lighting and a concrete path inside. There is no need for special clothing only for a warm coat. There will be an animateur who guides the group.
  • appointments available every time of the year Friday Saturday and Sunday
  • if You can only bring 4-6 children or 8-10 children we can still provide the program to You
  • the Szemlő-hegy cave is operated by Duna-Ipoly National Park, so we organize the programs in cooperation with the Duna-Ipoly National Park
  • due to environmental protection we can’t use plastic cups or paper plates, we give you out own dishes and after the program we wash them
  • In the Mátyás-hegy cave there is a more extreme opportunity, there You can try out real caveing in overalls and helmets, that program is only available for children more than 10 years old