Conference locality

 About the location

We can provide a special program with a cave tour to private persons or companys.

We can give private tours in several languages. It’s important to know that inside the cave eating and drinking is forbidden, that’s why the catering service can only be held in the aula or in the buffet. In the aula there is place for ca. 40 people, in the movie room ca. 30-35 people can be seated. The movie room is carpeted and air conditined. There is opportunity for presentations or film projections. Only pendrives are compatible with our computer. Please bring the films or presentations in ’avi’ format.

In the buffet there is place for 20 people. We can provide coffee and soft drinks. We have four lavatorys on the ground floor. The cave, the aula and the exhibition room is accessible with wheelchair. Up the hill we have a park which in good weather can give other program opportunitys. Alcohol consumption and smoking are against our policys. We can hold events including cave tours and presentations with catering.

We can hold events for companys every time of the year between 16:00 and 20:00. For price calculation we need the following informations: number of attending people, need for a foreign language speaking guide, need for the projector use, which equipment or tools will be needed, the planned date.